PCR test and health certificate in English within 24 hours

Ohori Park Clinic PCR test:PCR test in Fukuoka

The English speaking doctor at Ohori Park Clinic, which is only 2mn on foot from Ohori Koen subway station, can provide foreigners a PCR test and the necessary documents for you to travel abroad.


The PCR test will take only 30mn and do not require any effort as it is done by the saliva method, much easier and faster than the nasal one. You will be in a private room where we will collect a few ml of your saliva and send it to the testing laboratory.

Private room for your PCR test. Your PCR results will return within 24h, and with your negative results, we will write your official health certificate in English so that you can travel abroad.  

Most countries require the test to be taken within the 72 hours of your departure, so please make sure to check your destination requirements as well as the best timing to take the test.

Easy PCR test by the saliva method Example: If you leave Japan on a Friday at 14:00, you need to take the test on Tuesday after 14:00. We will receive your negative results and we will write your health certificate in English on Wednesday, usually in the morning but until 14:00 at the latest.   Some countries require the PCR test to be taken within 72h of the arrival time, so please make sure to check your destination requirements.   PCR test and English certificate The price (tax and certificate in English included) for the PCR test is 25,300Yen.   How to take the PCR test and get your health Certificate:

  • Check your destination's Corona virus related requirements.
  • Call us to make a reservation at 092-724-5520.
  • Come to the clinic with your passport and let us collect your saliva.
  • Come anytime the day after to collect your results and your health certificate.

  Some exceptions :

  • You cannot take the PCR test at our clinic if you show any symptoms such as sneezing, coughing or fever.
  • Some countries require additional documents to be completed. In this case, we kindly ask you to provide us with the specific form. There is an additional fee of 3,000Yen.


The PCR test does not guarantee your entry. Countries may suddenly change requirements. As your entry will be granted by your country of destination, there is always a possibility that you may not be able to go through immigration. Please confirm the requirements for your destination before you make a reservation.

  Our adress: 810-0051 Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka city, Chuo ward, Ohori Koen 2-35 THE APARTMENT 2F Ohori Park Clinic 810-0051福岡県福岡市中央区大濠公園2-35THE APARTMENT 2階 Easiest acess: Subway (airport line, 2 stations from Tenjin or Nishijin), Ohori Park Station (exit gate number 3 and walk straight. The clinic is on your left) Bus: Get off at Ohori Kouen, right in front of Ohori Park Clinic.